Music You Can Watch


The beginning of August always signifies an important anniversary in pop culture – the birth of MTV in 1981. Although many love to claim they watching from the first day they saw the astronaut plant the MTV flag on the moon, only a few areas had access to the channel, mostly in New Jersey. I had to wait a full year before Cablevision had the option to finally show it.

I became addicted and watched it any time I could, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night and sneaking into the living room. Before they had many features or lots of advertisers, they would show video after video of acts I had never heard of and I credit them for my discovery and everlasting love of New Wave music. As I listen to early 80s pop today, I can visualize each picture matched with the chorus or specific lyric, chord change or guitar solo of a favorite song.

For me the golden years were 1928-1986 and I can recall even the finest details of some very obscure videos, most that still haven’t seen the light of day on YouTube. As this blog unfolds I’ll share some of my takes on my favorites. Until then…

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