Minimum Waste, Maximum Joy


As the year moves into Fall, I’m reminded of the powerful hold that Summer memories have on me. Summer is like a rollercoaster – you stand in line eagerly awaiting the ride thinking about how awesome it will be. Then you get on and it’s more thrilling that you imagined, slowly taking you up, dropping you down twice as fact spinning you upside down, jerking you left then right. And when it’s over all you are thinking about is what just happened, wanting to do it again.

So let’s suppose that May is the wait in line and June, July & August are the ride. September is always the bittersweet month, the one we spend looking back on the Summer while some of that sweet music lingers in the air. The warmth now has a cooler breeze at night. Leaves are beginning to yellow. And those summer memories, permanently stored in the back of our mind, will be accessed occasionally by the songs that define them.

I’m going to open my vaults and talk about my Summer in 1985. I’m not sure if I regard it as my most special one, but I can remember a lot about it, mostly because of the music that was playing back then.

And so while I was counting down the last days of school, here was a song that I fascinated with along with the video. I brought this cool vibe with me that Summer to try and sand down or at least hide those awkward young teenage edges.





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