You Can’t Control An Independent Heart

Corporate Blunders

My mom & I were on a constant search for Classic Coke. Even though we hardly ever had soda in the house, my mom was obsessed with finding 6-packs that we could store in the garage if they ever stopped making it.

That’s right. The Coca-Cola Company dove into a disaster by creating a new Coke formula that was even sweeter than Pepsi. In retrospect, it looks like the biggest public marketing scam ever. When the ensuing backlash came that Spring, they announced on July 11th, 1985, that they would start making the old formula again if anyone wanted (not preferred) that. Obviously, everyone did because supermarkets could barely keep Coca-Cola Classic in stock. I’m sure people were selling it on the street like crack dealers, enticing suckers to pay for some of that old school (de)sweetness, not realizing that the New Coke would end up being the collectible [After a change to Coke II in 1992, they stopped making it in 2002.]. Meanwhile, they quietly released Cherry Coke simultaneously, and hell yeah, that was totally my jam.

When we found some Classic Coke on the bottom shelf of a King Kullen, Lord almighty, it was like finding the holy grail, but of course, one that would lead to weight gain and diabetes rather than everlasting life. I can still hear Sting from the tinny ceiling speakers singing behind my mom’s glee at pleasing my dad, which I find pretty ironic.

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