The Feeling Of Liberation and Release


How did the Hulkster escape Andre The Giant’s bearhug? I see big things ahead for him..and his daughter. Now that Wrestlemania III is over, let’s finish up the Top 10 for March 28th, 1987.

10. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) – Aretha Franklin & George Michael

Aretha’s long 80s comeback finally reached its peak when she sang American The Beautiful in the Pontiac Silverdome…just kidding…. when this song hit number #1, her only other pop chart-topper after Respect. For George, this was his first release since the official breakup of Wham! and would set him on a torrid streak of pop success. Including this song, he would rack up five #1s over his next six releases with only I Want Your Sex peaking at #2.

9. Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House

From the ashes of Split Enz comes this trio from Los Angeles via New Zealand and Australia. I was never much into ballads but this beautiful uplifting song cut through the dreary landscape that Spring and made me a fan of this band for life. It peaked at #2, held back by The Queen of Soul.

8. The Final Countdown – Europe

And now it’s time for Gob to perform some magic.

7. Come Go With Me – Expose

The first of four Top 10s from this Latin freestyle trio’s debut album and another reason why we shouldn’t freak out if and when Miami goes underwater.

6. Somewhere Out There – Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram

A #2 duet from a soundtrack to a terrifying animated movie in which a Russian mouse escapes the Nazis, tries to flee to a “Cat-less” New York on a ship but washes overboard and drowns, or so his family thinks. Yes, it was produced by Steven Spielberg.

5. Mandolin Rain – Bruce Hornsby & The Range

The follow-up to the surprise smash The Way It Is also hit the Top 5,  and was written by Bruce and his brother, just like #13. Although it had to feel a bit bittersweet to the guy playing the mandolin, David Mansfield (former member of the Alpha Band), as he was no longer in the band by the time this was released.

4. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight – Genesis

There was a point in time when selling your songs to advertisers specifically beer companies caused fans to yell “Sell Out!”. So when Genesis let Michelob use this song for a commercial in 1986 the audience could watch in real time as they went from supporters to pawns and musicians went from rich to wealthy. Now the arenas most artists play in are named after corporations.

3. Let’s Wait Awhile – Janet Jackson

Miss Jackson (I’m kinda nasty..) almost had her second #1 with this tender ballad about a woman taking control, imploring her lover to spend some time getting to know each other in their relationship before having some what-have-you-done-for-me-lately sex. I do want to point out that Janet got married at age 18.

2. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship

Everyone got so riled up at what a piece of crap the song We Built This City was, no one batted an eye at this waste of polyethylene from a giant stinky dead flounder of a movie which briefly made Andrew McCarthy a star. This was Starship’s 3rd #1 song in two years. If you are a former hippie with children and a Volvo, please leave the record store.

1. Lean On Me – Club Nouveau (2 Weeks at #1)

I absolutely love Bill Withers. His music was played in the hospital for both of my kids’ births and his songs have made the world a better place to live in.

Bill was 33 years old working for an aircraft company in California when he had his first hit, Ain’t No Sunshine. The album cover even featured a picture of Bill on his lunch break. Lean On Me was his one and only pop #1 in 1972 and he effectively retired from the music business in 1985.

Club Nouveau was created out of a shuffling and rebranding of the Timex Social Club. Their recording and subsequent success of Lean On Me was an example of early New Jack Swing and garnered Bill another Grammy for songwriting and lots more royalty checks which he cashed while sitting on his porch enjoying the rest of his life.

Join me next week as we dive deep into the depths of April 1983. Until then keep your feet underground and keep reaching for cigars.


OHW – One-Hit-Wonder

NAOHW – Not A One-Hit-Wonder

PFK – Perfect for karaoke

RAR – Rite-Aid Rock

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