To Defend The Time That I Spend


We’re kinda light on the front end of the decade this week for a change. Let’s review the Other Sixty during the nineteenth chart week in 1980, 1981, and 1982.

May 10, 1980

73. The Temptations – Power

Here’s one of the many attempts to get the Temps back into the Top 40. As the decade started, Berry Gordy gave them a new contract, wrote a song, and produced a new album. Dennis Edwards was back for Round Two. All of the money and effort only amounted to a #11 R&B showing and a #43 Pop peak. Still, it’s not a bad song if it was still 1975.

80. Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell

The Wall was the album that Pink Floyd musical legends and completely tore the band apart forever. For the fan, the musical experience was worth it for paranoid epics like this one. Sung by Roger Waters, this will only run up to #53.

84. Ray, Goodman and Brown – Inside Of You

The law firm of RGB would like to see you now, particularly and creepily, the inside. The old school ballad couldn’t match the heights of Special Lady and felt the spirit stirred up at #76.

85. Captain and Tennille – Happy Together (A Fantasy)

Toni & the Dragon were always ahead of the curve on trends. This time they decided to turn up the irony quotient to 11 with a cover of this Turtles #1 classic with a disco arrangement and George of the Jungle intro. It didn’t see nobody but a #53 zenith.

May 16th, 1981

87. Chaka Khan – What Cha Gonna Do For Me

Damn, Chaka can do no wrong. She wrecks shop with another tasty jam written by Ned Doheny & AWB’s Hamish Stuart. Why was pop radio so afraid of her? This is a silk, funky, well-produced arranged and sung track, soulful and catchy. Yet it will languish at #53 as it becomes her second solo #1 on the Soul charts.

90. Max Werner – Rain In May

Here’s the lead singer and drummer of the Dutch prog-rock band, Kayak, with the first single from his second solo album, Seasons. This heavily percussive track will be a big hit in the Netherlands and in Germany, crossing over to the States, where it will shower the charts all the way to #74 as his only Hot 100 entry.

May 15th, 1982

83. Sammy Hagar – Piece Of My Heart

Yes, your fears are confirmed. This is a cover of the song Janis Joplin made a big hit in 1968 with Big Brother and The Holding Co. It’s a great example of how corporate rock became just a little over a decade later. This will thankfully crawl up ten notches before angina sets in.

85. John Schneider – Dreamin’

Bo Duke was focusing more on his singing career and delivers us another cover song. From his second album, Quiet Man, he does his best to impress the ladies with his version of the 1960 Dorsey Burnette track, which reached #11. We know you’re not supposed to wake a sleepwalker, but I’m glad we did before this rose any higher than #45.

86. Sparks – I Predict

The Mael brothers spent a decade recording New Wave albums before New Wave even existed. So now that it was here, they wanted in on some of that valley girl money. The problem was that they were still ahead of their time, so songs like this topped out at #60.

87. Four Tops – Back To School Again

The early 80s saw a lot of ill-advised late 70s movie sequels, such as Grease 2. This song is a long way from You’re The One That I Want, but no one was going to ask Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield to carry the local load. Why not bring in heavyweights The Four Tops and ruin the momentum that just created with last year’s When She Was My Girl? Everything surrounding this was a bomb, which explains this song’s #71 showing.

88. Stevie Woods- Fly Away

Stevie was looking to keep rolling after posting two Top 40 singles. So he turned to the man from Oz recording a funky laidback Peter Allen tune that he took up to #55 in 1981. Stevie’s version can’t get off the runway and crash lands at #84.


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