Seems All So Well Laid Out


The nineteenth chart week of The Other Sixty during 1983 and 1985 gives us some soul, funk and cowpunk, future and past stars, international sensations, and a future #1.

May 14th, 1983

76. George Benson – Inside Love (So Personal)

Singer Kashif got to collaborate with George on the first single from his In Your Eyes LP. He also plays all of the instruments, except, of course, the guitar. This smooth cut of West Coast soul-jazz will just miss the Top 40 as it peaks at #43 but will reach #3 on the R&B charts.

80. James Ingram & Patti Austin – How Do You Keep The Music Playing?

James is back with his duet partner, Patti, for a song from the Burt Reynolds/ Goldie Hawn film, Best Friends. This ballad was nominated for an Oscar and released as a single. But the music stopped at #45. It has been covered many times, including by George Benson in 2000.

82. Earth, Wind & Fire – Side By Side

We have an R&B log jam, which unfortunately means theses singles will cancel each other out. And that’s a shame, cause this slab of medium groove electro-funk is my favorite of the three, but will only move up another six notches before falling by the wayside.

86. Sheriff – When I’m With You

The release of this earnest ballad by the Canadian quintet disappeared without a trace in 1983, only to be resurrected nearly six years later, which eventually led to it hitting #1 in 1989. Funny that initial non-success of this single led to the band’s breakup and creation of Frozen Ghost as well as Alias in the early 90s, the latter of whom would have a #2 hit, More Than Word Can Say. That band was formed after the 1989 success, but the band’s failed attempt to reunite.

87. Phil Collins – I Cannot Believe It’s True

Here’s a question that scholars have pondered for ages (or at least the last few decades): if Phil Collins never divorces his first wife, does he ever have a successful solo career? Think about that while you listen to Phil the Shill gnash his teeth in the air once more against that harlot while the horn section from EWF blows their (dis)approval on this #79 single.

89. Carl Wilson – What You Do To Me

It’s incredible that this Beach Boy only had one chart single, but he didn’t have a lot of chances as he only released two solo albums, both of fair quality. In fact, Carl’s dog, Shannon, had better luck when Henry Gross released a Top 10 single inspired by his Irish Setter’s passing. This single was written by John & Johanna Hall, of Still The One fame and will fizzle out at #72.

95. Michael Bolton – Fool’s Game

This is the real Michael Bolton, a guy whose voice is utilized better for pedestrian quasi-Bon Jovi tracks than for the sensitive soul boy persona he used four years later after this single gets played out at #82. It’s definitely a fool’s game and guess who the fools are.

May 12th, 1984

85. Psychedelic Furs – The Ghost In You

We’re four albums deep, and the Furs are gradually getting more airplay. But still not enough to get this New Wave classic into the Top 40. It will go boo at #59. Side note: the also superior first single from Mirror Moves called Heaven didn’t even chart.

89. Duke Jupiter – Little Lady

Here is the last chart hit from the biggest rock artist from Rochester, NY, after Lou Gramm. From their sixth album, White Knuckle Ride, this 45 shrunk away after hitting #68. It was released on Morocco Records, a little known rock offshoot label from Motown Records.

May 11th, 1985

85. Menudo – Hold Me

Menudomania was traveling around the globe and finally made a stop in the States in the mid-80s. Their one and only Hot 100 entry would hit #62 and left people scratching their heads as to what the big deal was. Member Ricky Martin would grow up and lead the Latin Pop explosion in the late 90s. Also, a new version of Menudo would hit #36 on Mainstream Top 40 in 2008 with the Bruno Mars co-write, Lost.

86. Lone Justice – Ways To Be Wicked

Cowpunkers Lone Justice made country-rock cool in the 80s with singles like this. Their first chart single was written by Tom Petty & Mike Campbell and traveled up to #77 with the devil in tow.

89. Klymaxx – Meeting In The Ladies Room

Before they had a chance to miss you, they were talking shit about you in the ladies’ room. That’s the part of the all-female band Klymaxx that I prefer. It took four albums for them to unleash the funk in our face, telling tales about your man. This Top 5 Soul song written by Reggie & Vincent Calloway of Midnight Star will only top out at #59.

96. Al Corley – Square Rooms

Al decided to leave a hit show with his role of Steven Carrington on Dynasty in 1982 and indulge in his first love: pop music. This former Studio 54 doorman recorded his debut in 1984, releasing the fizzy title track as its first single. It did well in Europe, where they seemingly get overexcited about anything American, eventually going to #1 in France. Over here, it tapped out at #80.


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  1. I’ve got no complaints about that Collins single–like it better than either of the two that hit the 40 from that album.

    Both Furs tracks you mention are definitely A-okay, but the Lone Justice is the standout cut for me in this set.

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