In Terms Of Belief And Belonging


Let’s review this mostly deserving list of The Other Sixty from the twenty-second chart week of 1986 up through 1989.

June 7th, 1986

85. Krokus – School’s Out

Fondue, Swatches, and Krokus – Switzerland sure knows how to party, neutrally. Their second and final chart hit in the States is a cover of the Alice Cooper 1972 classic that will climb to #67. Gwar did a version as well.

86. TKA – One Way Love

The Latin freestyle trios weren’t all female. Here are three guys from Harlem who were happy to let a producer throw some synth bass and a Roland TR- 808 pleas of Girl and Oh Girl and C’mon Girl. The only reason people who dance to this would be the coke and/or amyl nitrates. It gets boring pretty fast. The single traveled one way up to #75 and then went the other way.

88. John Eddie – Jungle Boy

If you ever wondered where Eddie Murphy got his white boy dance from, check out the video to this song. Actually, I think George Michael might have co-opted his look for the Faith video too. John wanted to bring real rock and roll back and almost succeeded with this pop stomper, which swung up to #52.

94. Sly Fox – Stay True

After having a surprise smash with Let’s Go All The Way, the follow-up from Mudbone Cooper and Michael Camacho is debuting at its peak. It has gone all the way that it will go.

95. Jackson Browne – In The Shape Of A Heart

Jackson Browne had a good run on the charts since Doctor My Eyes in 1972. But all good runs must come to an end and so it does for him with one of his best songs. His last chart hit, a tribute to his first wife, who OD’d in 1976 will beat its way up to #70.

All the debuts during this chart week in 1987 made the Top 40.

June 4th, 1988

89. Scorpions – Rhythm Of Love

I bet the Scorpions were pissed. Here they were doing pop metal for almost two decades, and all they had to show for it was one measly Top 30 and a bill from Rosetta Stone. Meanwhile, lighter wannabe acts like Poison were racking up the hits. So they put out a song that sounded like Cinderella with a thick German accent and got back on the charts. Although it peaked at #75, they’d have their big smash in a few years, a power ballad called Wind Of Change which reached #4 in 1991

June 3rd, 1989

89. Whistle – Right Next To Me

When they couldn’t cross over as hip hop artists, they decided to record one ballad after another until one stuck. This one, written by Melvin Riley of Ready For The World, got them on the charts and blow its way up to #60. Few weddings have this one requested.

93. The Jacksons – Nothin’ (That Compares 2 U)

How did the Jacksons mess up this Babyface/L.A. Reid jam? Even Sheena Easton could get it right. This was a no-brainer to hit the Top 40, and yet there’s something that comes off so fake. Maybe they were too old for the new jack swing. Perhaps they shouldn’t have dissed Tito on the track. It reached the Soul Top 5 but flattened out at #77 on the Pop charts.

96. Swing Out Sister – Waiting Game

After breaking out with their debut album in 1987, SOS returns as a duo and goes all-in on the 1960s holiday in Italy vibe. This is a world steeped in the sounds of Jimmy Webb and Burt Bacharach on a Hi-fi while you sipped cappuccino, practiced Esperanto while relaxing in your Eames chair. I was hooked on anything these two folks did from here on out. This will only reach #86. Also, they’re big in Japan.

97. Vanessa Williams – Darlin’ I

Vanessa keeps turning lemons into lemonade with her third chart single from her debut The Right Stuff. This tender ballad will shoot like a rocket into the Soul & AC Top 10 but will fizzle on the Hot 100 at #88

98. TKA – You Are The One

The reason I didn’t really like freestyle was because of how the producers found the most irritating sounds on a keyboard and used it to play a riff over and over. The male singers sang so seriously like someone told them they were recording What’s Going On 2. This song was released as a single from the Lean On Me soundtrack, so it gets to sit side by side with the Bill Withers classic. That makes me shudder. It reached #91, but even that was too high.

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