Brothers And Sisters United All For Love


Let’s wrap up our review of The Other Sixty from chart week twenty-eight with a look at those debuts from the second half of the decade-  1985 through 1989.

July 13th, 1985

90. Y&T – Summertime Girls

Here’s the California quartet, formerly known as Yesterday And Today (that’s true) trying to get some of that Van Halen money after very little success and six albums over a ten-year career. Their seventh album, Down For The Count, will yield their only chart single, which will also be released on the Real Genius soundtrack. But Autumn will arrive at #55.

July 19th, 1986

81. Heart – If Looks Could Kill

Heart was still trying to squeeze all the juice out of their hugely successful self-titled album. This was the fifth charting single from that LP after the first four went Top 10. This 45 got the “looks’ and died at #54.

86. Prince & The Revolution – Anotherloverholenyohead

I loved this song from Parade so much that I bought the 45 when it was released, even though I had the album. This will be the last single with The Revolution to chart when it stalls out at #63.

89. 38 Special – Somebody Like You

After a string of Top 40 hits, folks realized that this band was going to keep putting out the same single over and over again unless we do something. We stopped the momentum by keeping this 45 at #48. That also explains we ended up with a song like Second Chance three years later that sounds like no one.

July 18th, 1987

85. Rod Stewart – Twistin’ The Night Away

Rod achieved a rare feat with the release of this single. His version of the Sam Cooke classic was released in 1973 from Never a Dull Moment and hit #59. He re-recorded it for the Dennis Quaid/Martin Short movie, Innerspace, and this version will do worse, peaking at #80. He forced another Sam Cooke cover on us when he recorded Having A Party for his 1993 Unplugged and Seated album. We let it reach #36 and pleaded for mercy.

87. The Hooters – Johnny B.

This Philly quintet started moving in new folkier directions with their new album, One Way Home, and is evident on its lead single. Although it’s hard to say if it’s good or not, it will go after reaching #61.

88. Regina Belle – Show Me The Way

Columbia Records wanted some of those Anita Baker dollars and pushed Regina’s first single like she was the second coming. It’s a very good smooth-funk single suitable for any early evening Quiet Storm format, eventually hitting #2 on the Soul charts as it loses its way on the Pop charts at #68. Miss Belle will chart six times on the Hot 100 and only get one Top 40 hit, her 1993 duet with Peabo Bryson, A Whole New World, which will hit #1.

89. Kim Wilde – Say You Really Want Me

Kim went to the top of the charts with her synthpop cover of the Supremes classic, You Keep Me Hangin’ On, a #1 in its own right. That would be the end of the Wilde times as her follow-up, co-produced by Rod Tempterton & Richard Rudolph, barely misses getting the Casey call with a #44 zenith. You can find this track on the Running Scared soundtrack, which was released one year earlier.

July 16th, 1988

89. Foreigner – Heart Turns To Stone

This multi-national quartet rewrites their hit Cold As Ice from the third-person, performing an anonymous 80s rock bed for Lou Gramm to sing over. The stone will begin sinking at #56, and it will be another six years until their last chart hit.

92. Dino – Summergirls

If you can make it through this time without wanting to kill these producers for that grating sample, you’re a better man than I am. I guess this Las Vegas DJ thought the best way to be heard was to annoy the hell out of the listener. While this freestyle track will actually climb to #50, he will soften his approach when recording his debut and have two Top 40 hits in 1989.

97. Siedah Garrett – K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Siedah’s Kiss OF Life album was a lost opportunity. She was in prime position to become successful and have a few hits, especially after her duet with Michael the year before on I Just Can’t Stop Loving You. Even with Rod Temperton & Richard Rudolph producing and the support from Quincy Jones, these songs became over-cooked, and the good stuff was lost in the reverb. This track will be a #1 Dance hit due to its remixes, but on the Hot 100, it debuts at its peak.

Fun fact: Siedah will win a Grammy in 2008 for co-writing Love You I Do from the film Dreamgirls.

July 15th, 1989

89. John Cougar Mellencamp – Jackie Brown

When I read a title like this, all I want to see is Pam Grier in a stewardess outfit hurriedly walking through LAX with Bobby Womack’s Across 110th Street playing in the background. I give a damn about Jackie Brown, just a different one than Johnny. This will be JCM’s last chart hit with a cougar in the middle when it peaks at #48.



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