Do You Climb Into Space?


Let’s wrap up chart week thirty-one with a wealth of singles from The Other Sixty during the years 1986 up to 1989. Are they good or bad? I’ll let you decide.

August 9th, 1986

76. The Jets – Private Number

The Minneapolis family octet follows-up their first Top 40 hit with another upbeat dance-pop number. It will be a blip on the radar as it’s number ends up at #47. The next five singles for them will hit the Top 20.

83. Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al

The first release off of Graceland did not become an initial hit, reaching only #44 in the Fall of 1986. It will eventually be re-released as the popularity of the album increased after its Grammy win and will hit the Top 40 in the Spring of 1987. It will reach #4 in the UK in October.

86. The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Wrap It Up

It took five albums for this Texas blues-rock quartet to break through with Tuff Enuff. This was the follow-up, a cover of a Stax hit, originally recorded in 1968 by Sam And Dave as the B-side to their hit, I Thank You. The Fab Birds hit the wrap it up button at #50.

88. El DeBarge – Love Always

El made a misstep with his debut album. Most of the songs were not right for him, nor did they play to his strength, his vocal acumen. A lot of them were middle of the road AC dreck, like this one written by Burt Bacharach & Carole Bayer Sager. He just missed the Casey call when it peaked at #42, and he remains a one-hit-wonder.

95. Air Supply – Lonely Is The Night

This is where the air gets let out of the balloon. The first single from their new album, Hearts In Motion, will be the duo’s final chart entry.  Written by Albert Hammond and Diane Warren, the track will only peak at #78.

96. Isle Of Man – Am I Forgiven

Maybe. Am I forgotten? Absolutely. This quartet made up of four guys from France, Nicaragua, Italy & the US took all of that worldly knowledge and poured it into this hard to find pop-synth single that debuts at its peak.

August 8th, 1987

81. Pointer Sisters – Be There

Ruth, Anita, and June got the call to do another song for the Beverly Hills Cop sequel, but this one wasn’t as successful as Neutron Dance. I think it may have got squeezed out the other BHC2 singles like Shakedown, Cross My Broken Heart, and I Want Your Sex, even though it’s just as good, maybe even better than those. As a result, this Narada Michael Walden-produced 45 will stop burnin’ at #42. It will be the sisters’ last chart entry.

87. Level 42 – Running In The Family

Level 42 was in the middle of conquering the singles charts all over Europe, but they only got a small foothold in the States. After a second Top 20 hit, Lessons In Love, this follow-up, a pop-rock tale about kids running away and the adult realizing later that you can’t run away from family, stalled out at #83. It will be one of four UK Top 10s from the Running In The Family LP and the last with the original line-up.

88. Yello – Oh Yeah

This song was first released on the Swiss duo’s 1985 album, Stella. In the States, it was used in the 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but its inclusion in Michael J Fox’s The Secret Of My Success caused it to be released as a single. Kinda weird, since most folks didn’t see that film. It will chicka-chicka up to #51. And if you’re Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, then you know this song as Day Bow Bow.

96. Crowded House – World Where You Live

Depending on how I feel, this may be my favorite Crowded House song. The third release from their debut album in the States was actually the first single release in the UK during the Summer of 1986. The world will shrink down at #65.

97. The Silencers – Painted Moon

Last week the Pittsburgh, PA band of the same name had their only chart hit. Now it’s time for the Scotland quartet to have their only Stateside entry. This pop-rock shuffler will almost match the other’s zenith when they top out at #82. [The 1980 Silencers will hit #81.]

August 6th, 1988

88. Midnight Oil – The Dead Heart

Kudos to this Australian quintet for sticking to their guns and letting the audience come to them. They finally broke through in the US earlier in the year with the Top 20 smash, Beds Are Burning, from their sixth album, Diesel and Dust. A lot of this album was inspired by the band’s tour playing to isolated Aboriginal communities in their homeland, witnessing their plight at the hand of the Aussie government. This single was written as a plea to return the Uluru, an area in the Northwest Territory of central Australia, back to the indigenous peoples. It will surprisingly reach #53. The song, Dreamland, would have been a good follow-up as well.

93. Al B. Sure! – Off On Your Own (Girl)

Albert Brown III remains a pop one-hit-wonder due to his hit Nite And Day and pop radio unwillingness to let his New Jack vibe proliferate their playlists. They did the same thing to Keith Sweat, but as he pushed on, Al took a behind the scenes role in the industry and discovered new acts like Jodeci and Faith Evans. R&B radio welcomed him with open arms, and four of his five Top 40 Soul hits went Top 3, including this one, which will be his second #1. I heard this single a lot that summer, so I’m surprised it only reached #45.

96. Amy Grant – Lead Me On

No, this is not a Maxine Nightengale cover, even though I’m sure you want to hear Amy sing tease me all night long. The title track to her eighth album talks about the fact that slavery and the Holocaust happened, but while though those folks had it real bad, they still turned to the Lord. This debuts at its peak.

August 5th, 1989

86. Dion – And The Night Stood Still

Where the hell did this come from? Dion’s first chart entry in thirteen years coincided with a new album, Yo Frankie, an autobiography and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Produced by Dave Edmunds and featuring backing vocals by Patti Smyth, this single will go still at #75.

88. Cinderella – Gypsy Road

Tom Keifer is still ripping his vocal cords out, trying to sing more hits for this Philly glam metal band. This will be the fourth single released from Long Cold Winter, and unlike the other three, it will miss out on the Top 40. The road will end at #51.

95. Adrian Belew – Oh Daddy

After a decade in the business playing with Tom Tom Club, Zappa, Bowie, King Crimson, and his own group, The Bears, this Kentucky guitarist lands his only Hot 100 entry from his fourth album, Mr. Music Head. It’s a cute yet smart duet with his 11-year-old daughter, Audie asking when her daddy will be famous one day. Creative songs like this rarely find their way into the mainstream anymore. It will peak at #58.

96. Cyndi Lauper – My First Night Without You

Is this a rewrite of Springsteen’s Fire or an ode to early 60s girl groups? Either way, it will be Cyndi’s last chart hit when it spends its final night at #62.



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