Know Your Tender Spots

It looks like each of The Other Sixty debuts during chart week thirty-two have been tucked in neatly into their places. Let’s finish our review with the songs from 1987 up to 1989.

August 15th, 1987

85. Atlantic Starr – One Lover At A Time

Once this funk outfit scored with a ballad, that was all that Pop radio wanted from this NY quintet. That’s a shame because they stopped putting out good dance music and poured their energy into sappy wedding songs instead. This Top 10 Soul hit will peak at its reverse debut numbers.

93. Pepsi & Shirlie – Heartache

The first spinoff from the Wham! world, excluding George going solo, was from Pepsi Demacque and Shirlie Holliman, who sang backup for the duo. You can see them dancing in neon outfits in the Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go video. This was their biggest hit in the UK reaching #2, but they never quite connected in the States. This single becomes a fool’s game at #78.

August 13th, 1988

89. Blue Zone U.K. – Jackie

Before Lisa Stansfield spent her days and nights looking for her baby all over the world, she recorded an album in the trio, Blue Zone UK. This single, written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly and initially recorded by Elisa Fiorillo, was released to break them in the US. It was a Top 40 Dance hit, but it ended up on the nightshift at #54.

Fun fact: The other two Blue Zone members, Ian Devaney and Andy Morris, put their next efforts into writing and producing Lisa’s debut album, which spun off three Top 40 hits in 1990. Also, Lisa found her baby. All she needed to do was look left. She married Ian in 1998.

Fun fact 2: This was the first single Lisa recorded and released back in 1981.

91. The Jets – Sendin’ All My Love

The fourth chart single from the Minneapolis family band did not have much juice behind it. Co-written by frequent Madonna collaborator and Breakfast Club member Stephen Bray, it bombed on the Soul and Pop charts, moving up only three spots on the Hot 100. But it did become their only #1 Dance hit.

92. Toni Childs – Don’t Walk Away

Toni spent many years in the music scene before releasing her first solo album, spending time in various L.A. bands, including one with Michael Steele of the Bangles. Her debut was co-produced by David Ricketts from David & David and her only chart hit will do an about face at #72. She has had more success in Australia and New Zealand than in the States.

Fun fact: Toni would sit in for Terri Nunn at early Berlin shows.

97. Glenn Medeiros – Long And Lasting Love (Once In A Lifetime)

Glenn had just enough success with his debut to earn another recording shot. His second album, Not Me, filled with even more corny ballads than the first one. This will not last for long dying out at #68. I’m not sure how he got a third chance.

August 12th, 1989

92. Doobie Brothers – Need A Little Taste Of Love

The Doobies reformed in the late 80s without that troublemaker McDonald, getting back to that biker bar sound that made China Grove and Long Train Running classic hits. They hit the Top 10 with The Doctor, a song that sounds like you heard before on your first listen. Realizing they needed to inject some Soul back in as well, they released their cover of this Isley Brothers tune found on their 1974 Live It Up LP. It will just miss the Shadoe call at #45 and will be their last Hot 100 entry.

93. Moving Pictures – What About Me

When American DJs started to “rediscover” songs that didn’t do well and played them again until they became hits, it became a game amongst them, all coveting their own badge of notoriety. Here’s an instance where it went the other way. This Australian group peaked at #29 in 1983 with its US release. Its second attempt only made it to #46. I know, it isn’t fair.

94. Information Society – Lay All Your Love On Me

The resurgence of disco and 70s pop slowly started to rear its head as we headed into the 90s, mostly in the form of updated cover versions. Here’s an instance of this techno-pop quartet showing their love for both, with their version of an ABBA song, originally released on 1980’s Super Trouper. We weren’t ready to fully embrace that decade yet, so it will languish at #83.

95. The Graces – Lay Down Your Arms

When The Go-Go’s split in the mid -80s, lead singer went on to a productive solo career. Guitarist Jane Wiedlin had a few hits as well. What about the others? Well, here we go. Charlotte Caffey, the other guitar player formed this trio and they released one album, Perfect View in 1989. Charlotte sings lead on their only chart single, writing it with Ellen Shipley, who also co-wrote Heaven Is A Place On Earth for Belinda. This one was only worth a #56 high.

Fun fact: The band split in the early 90s, but one of the members, Meredith Brooks, would go on to have #2 hit in 1997 called Bitch.

97. Paul Shaffer – When The Radio Is On

Paul’s first big break as a musician was as keyboardist for the first SNL band. He then would lead one the best nighttime talk show bands on TV, teaming up with David Letterman for over thirty years and he’s still the go-to guy when you need a solid musical director for your project. He got the itch to record his own album in the late 80s and after massing all the talent he could find as well as his own, he put out this stinker. Stealing the lead backing vocal lick from the Beach Boys’ Getcha Back and meshing it with a cheesy New Jack drum beat, he created an aural trainwreck that crashed at #81.

99. Tangier – On The Line

Here’s some more glam metal from Philly, but they couldn’t even scale the heights that Cinderella climbed. But when they debuted at #99, I’m sure they never thought it would happen and I doubt they felt quite the same. This quintet’s only chart single will have a #67 zenith.

100. Tora Tora – Walkin’ Shoes

It’s the dreaded #100 debut. But hey at least you’re not bubbling under. You made it to the show. The Memphis hard rock quartet will enjoy their cup of coffee all the way up to #86.

2 Replies to “Know Your Tender Spots”

  1. That Toni Childs album has several simply incredible songs.

    You familiar with “Middle of Nowhere,” by House of Schock, Gina’s post Go-Go’s band? Amazingly good. Just brought it up on YouTube, and their algorithm queued up “Lay Down Your Arms” to follow it.


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