The Truth Is Just A Thing Of The Past

Let’s wrap up chart week thirty-three with a review of The Other Sixty from 1986 up to 1989.

August 23rd, 1986


84. Luther Vandross – Give Me The Reason

The velvet voice returns with the title track to his seventh album. It was also featured on the Ruthless People soundtrack. It will be another Top 5 hit on the Soul charts for him but only climb up to #54 Pop. His next single Stop To Love will be his first Pop Top 20

92. GTR – The Hunter

Not quite the supergroup that Asia was, GTR still had a Top 20 hit with When The Heart Rules The Mind. This was the follow-up, a mid-tempo ballad that leaned on the prog side just enough that would rise above #85.

93. One To One – Angel In My Pocket

Here’s a Canadian synth-pop dup from Ottawa with their first chart hit that sounds very 80s but not necessarily in a good way. It will only sneak up one more spot. In Canada, it will reach #24 because….CanCon.

Fun fact: Member Leslie Howe produced Alanis Morrissette’s first album back in 1991.

95. Nick Jameson – Weatherman

Nick has had a long, varied career in entertainment. He started out as a musician and an album producer for Paul Butterfield, Tim Moore, and Foghat. He tried his hand at a solo career, releasing two albums. This single was his only chart hit, a light and breezy pop-rock tune that debuts at its peak. He moved on to voiceover work in cartoons and video games as well as television work, such as a fifteen-episode stint on 24 playing the Russian president.

August 22nd, 1987


82. Noel – Silent Morning

This is one of the few freestyle dance songs that I don’t mind. Even though Noel says that he wrote it about his girlfriend, the gay community saw it as a reflection of the AIDS era and the loss of many friends who died from the disease. It will go quiet at #47.

85. Donna Summer – Dinner With Gershwin

I loved this song when it came out and rushed to buy the 45. I don’t think I knew of anyone else who did. I definitely hid a lot of my musical taste from my friends or rather never found the right ones to bond over it. Written and co-produced by Brenda Russell, it will be her first Top 10 on the Soul charts in four years. On the Hot 100, the meal will unfairly end at #48.

94. Def Leppard – Women

A lot changed for this band since their breakthrough album, Pyromania in 1983. Drummer Rick Allen spent a year learning how to drum with one hand after losing his arm in a car accident. That the band put their career on hold while he rehabbed tells you how much they loved this guy. After that four-year gap, they released this 45 as their first single from their new LP, Hysteria. It would get lots of rock airplay but only had a #80 zenith. Their next six singles, though, would make the Top 20.

95. Anita Baker – No One In The World

What we need right now is for Anita to drop a new album on this. The world misses her soulful soothing voice. Until I guess we can fill our nights, playing Rapture over and over, just like we did back then. This was her fourth charting single from her second solo LP. She’ll reach the Top 10 on the Soul & AC charts with this gem and just miss out of the Casey call at #44.

96. Great White – Rock Me

Here’s the first chart single from the band’s third album, Once Bitten...It was written by lead singer Jack Russell (not the dog) and Jerry Lynn Williams, who wrote Clapton’s, Forever Man. This one won’t do as well, and the rocking ends at #60.

97. Alisha – Into My Secret

Dance music singer, Alisha, released her second album, Nightwalkin’ in 1987, but it didn’t have any classic Club hits like her debut did. This one debuts at its peak, and although it will be a Top 10 hit on the Dance charts, it’s mostly forgotten today.

August 20th, 1988


90. Olivia Newton-John – The Rumour

Here we are in 1988, and Livvy is only releasing her third album of the 80s. She’s gotten by with soundtracks, greatest hits tracks, and, of course, the domination of Physical. However, music moved on from her by the end of the face, and no one was that interested in an Elton John/Olivia Newton-John collaboration. [Maybe they needed some Robert John in the mix.] This John/Taupin selection, with Elton singing and playing piano will lie its way up to #62.

95. Jeffrey Osborne – She’s On The Left

Jeffrey’s only #1 on the Soul charts failed to make the Top 40. It makes no sense to me that something like that can happen with an established artist, and a song this good. If you’re looking for the song, it left at #48.


August 19th, 1989


93. Rick Astley – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

Rick, put down the Temptations album and walk away. Nice and slow. Look out, everyone., He’s got a mic. Close call. Thankfully it only moved up four spots and gave itself up.

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