Find a Brighter Day

If there’s a lot of extra metal and dance music, it must be the late 80s. It’s as if that’s all that Pop radio was pushing back then. Let’s finish up our review of chart week forty-seven with a look at 1987, 1988, and 1989.

November 28th, 1987

85. Mick Jagger – Throwaway

The first single from the solo Stone’s second album, Primitive Cool, snuck into the Top 40, peaking at #39. This was the follow-up and lived up to its title, topping out at #67. The role of Keef was played by Jeff Beck.

91. Europe – Cherokee

Nothing like a Swedish metal band to tell the story of this Appalachian Native American tribe. The fourth single from The Final Countdown album left its own trail of tears at #72.

92. Tony Terry – She’s Fly

This was the first chart single from D.C. New Jack singer Tony Terry. If you were there back then and got down to it, you might still like it for nostalgia’s sake. If not, you didn’t miss much. This Top 10 R&B track will get swatted at #80.

93. Motley Crue – You’re All I Need

This glam metal quartet decided to release as their third single from Girls Girls Girls, a power ballad about a twisted fuck who kills his girlfriend in the name of love. Because these cretins were in the middle of their heroin phase, the lyrics are a poorly written misogynistic revenge fantasy with a cheesy junior high cover band arrangement. Thankfully most of us were spared as this peak at #83. Jon Bon Jovi likes this, so that should tell you something.

November 26th, 1988

91. Bananarama – Love, Truth, And Honesty

Siobhan Fahey left the trio in late 1987 after their Wow! album was out, and she was replaced with singer Jacquie O’Sullivan. They used the transition to release a greatest hits compilation with two new songs. This was the opening single released to promote it and will only inch up two spots. It was their last Hot 100 entry.

99. Yazz & The Plastic Population – The Only Way Is Up

We already had a group named Yaz, or Yazoo, as they were known in the UK, but the duo had since broken up. Now we have singer Yazz with her debut single. Produced by Coldcut, it’s a disco-house cover of a 1982 Otis Clay track that she took to #1 in the UK for five weeks. In the States, it will only go up three more notches. I bought this 45 over in Germany in the Summer and thought it was cool that the sleeve unfolds into a wall poster.

November 25th, 1989

91. Bonham – Wait For You

We started the 80s with drummer John Bonham passing away in September 1980, and we finish it with his son’s band charting with their debut single. Unfortunately, it ends up sounding like a Led Zeppelin cover band, and we already had plenty of those in our local bars for free. We’ll stop waiting around at #55.

92 . KIϟϟ – Hide Your Heart

This group never gave up in the 80s. They released eight albums during the decade, and not one of them spawned a Top 40 hit. Even during the glam metal years, they should have walked through the door with something to show for it. They have Desmond Child & Holly Knight writing with them. With Bruce Kulick now on lead guitar duties, this will reach #66.

Fun fact: This was originally written and rejected for their 1987 album, Crazy Nights. Paul Stanley then offered to other artists, such as Bonnie Tyler, who recorded it, and former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley who released his version a week before Kiss did.

94. Starship – I Didn’t Mean To Stay All Night

Then why are you still here? The second single from Love Among The Cannibals and the follow-up to It’s Not Enough, a #12 hit, is a tune written by Mutt Lange, who also sings back-up. The group was now Slick-less, which made them more boring if that was even possible. Even with some Fairlight work by Larry Klein and their best effort to make this ballad seem like a lost Hysteria cut, it will peak at #75.

95. Fiona & Kip Winger – Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)

Fiona Flanagan tries to go through the Glam metal door with this power rock duet with the Winger frontman, who also plays bass from her third album, Heart Like A Gun. I’m not sure the folks who wrote this understand what the word sexing means, but hey who wants another eight ball, fellas? It will have a zenith of #52.

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