Too Exhausted To Start A Fight

We are entering the final month of the year, into the holiday season, and it seems like the debuts are slowing down. That means that the members of The Other Sixty are becoming fewer. But every week is a new adventure, so who knows what awaits us? Let’s review chart week forty-eight during 1980, 1981 and 1982.

November 29th, 1980

76. Queen – Need Your Loving Tonight

Here’s the fourth chart single from The Game, a great album with an awful cover. Because each member was a songwriter, Queen’s albums have always featured songs from across many genres. But this LP was more of a K-Tel collection than the rest. The only singles of theirs to hit #1, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Another One Bites The Dust came from this long-play while the other two 45 releases just missed out on the Casey call. This acoustic rocker will miss out at #44.

82. Manhattan Transfer – Trickle Trickle

After a #22 hit in 1975, Operator and a few more albums, member Laurel Masse decided to leave the group. Singer Cheryl Bentyne replaced her, and the quartet immediately had their fortunes changed. They released the album, Extensions in late 1979 and had a #30 hit during the late Spring 1980, Twilight Zone/ Twilight Tone. This was the second charting single from that album, but it will only trickle up to #73. The album will win two Grammys and set them up for even bigger success in 1981.

85. Teddy Pendergrass – Love T.K.O.

If you slip on a copy of Teddy’s fourth Philly Soul album, TP, then you know the weather forecast will be calling for some quiet storms. You might think this was written for Teddy, but Cecil Womack wrote it for singer David Oliver. Once Teddy got a hold of it, it was all his, and it became the penultimate TP track. But this #2 Soul smash will get knocked out at #44 on Pop charts.

98. Pendulum – Gypsy Spirit

If you ever wanted to hear Styx produced by Giorgio Moroder, have I got a tune for you. Here’s a trio from California who, as far as I know, only recorded this one single, a truly cheap-sounding Disco knockoff. This 45 mentions that it’s from an album called Just Bitchin’, but there’s no proof that someone ever released it. Its peak will reverse its debut numbers.

December 5th, 1981

87. Crystal Gayle – The Woman In Me

After 1979’s Miss The Mississippi album, Miss Gayle will never release an album that generates a Top 40 single again. But that’s OK as the honkytonks and Waffle House jukeboxes will fully embrace her. Currently, she’s in the midst of a fifteen-song streak of Top 10 Country songs. This #3 Nashville ballad will peak at #76 Pop.

88. Jennifer Warnes – Could It Be Love

Jennifer released this track ahead of her third Arista Records album. It sounds like the mellow female version of John Cougar, and it’s one of those tracks that makes you wonder why it wasn’t a hit. It will only reach #47, and Arista will never release that next LP. Instead, it will be put on her Best Of compilation that they put out in September 1982.

89. Sheila – Little Darlin’

Here’s French singer Annie Chancel who changed her professional name to Sheila when she was 16 due to her covering the Tommy Roe hit of the same name. Wow, that”s not confusing at all. She joined up with the duo, B. Devotion, and moved towards disco in the late 70s, releasing a Chic-produced album, King of The World, in 1980. Switching musical directions, she headed towards a pop-rock vibe and ended up with her only Hot 100 entry. This #1 French smash will reach #49 in the States.

90. Leif Garrett – Runaway Rita

And now we’ve come to the part of Behind The Music where former kid actor and teen pin-up is on the downside of his once successful singing career. This single sounds like a chipmunk singing a Cliff Richard song. If you play it backward, you can hear everyone in the studio doing lines on the console. Leif’s last chart entry will split at #84.

92. Rufus with Chaka Khan – Sharing The Love

Once Chaka went solo, she should have never looked back. Rufus pulls her back in after her second solo album, Naughty, and their first album without her called Party Til You’re Broke. As you can imagine, the party ended. Chaka came back, but the thrill was gone. Even though this ballad will reach the R&B Top 10, it will stiff at #91 Pop.

December 4th, 1982

82. Lee Ritenour – Cross My Heart

After capturing a #15 hit in 1981 called Is It You, Eric Tagg is back again on vocals for Rit 2 and Captain Fingers’ attempt at a fusion version of EWF’s Let’s Groove. They might have had better luck with Promises, Promises instead. This one will keep Lee a one-hit-wonder when it climbs up to #69.

84. Lanier and Co. – After I Cry Tonight

I had never heard of this octet or their one charting single until now, which I surprised at, considering it made it up to #48. Released on Larc Records, which seemed to exist for only two years and have the Chi-Lites and LaToya Jackson on their roster, it appears to be quite an accomplishment for this Tennessee outfit to place this mellow ballad into the R&B Top 30.

85. The Commodores – Painted Picture

This was the first single for these guys without Lionel Richie, who just so happened to be at #1 this week with Truly. It was released from their All The Great Hits collection, which had just been put out in stores in time for Christmas stockings. It’s a nice little funky midtempo number, but you have no idea who the group was without that familiar voice. That’s why it will only rise to #70.

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