All The Years and No One Heard

Let’s take a look at those songs from 1983, 1984, and 1985 that were held down beneath the Hot 100 waters that make up the Bubbling Under during chart week six.

Dolly Parton & Willie Nelson – Everything’s Beautiful (In Its Own Way) (debuted on 2-12-83, peaked at #102)

In 1982, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton & Brenda Lee collaborated together on a double album called The Winning Hand. Everyone duets with each other as well as records something solo. This waltz ballad is not a cover of the Ray Stevens 1970 hit; instead, it’s written by Dolly. It will become a Top 10 Country hit and reach the AC Top 20.

Peter Brown – Baby Gets High ((debuted on 2-12-83, peaked at #104)

After Peter’s 1977 debut, A Fantasy Love Affair, spawned two hits, Do Ya Wanna Get Funky & Dance With Me, he disappeared from Pop radio but not the clubs. This jam will reach #6 on the Dance charts. In a year from now, a singer named Madonna will begin recording a song that Peter co-wrote for her new album, Like A Virgin. It will become her new nickname.

ABBA – One Of Us (debuted on 2-12-83, peaked at #107)

This tune, originally recorded for 1981’s The Visitors but released in the US to promote the optimistically titled The Singles: The First Ten Years, starts off like a scene scored for The Godfather Part 2 before moving into a gentle synth-pop groove. This sad tale of impending divorce hit #1 in six countries, but not in the UK, where it hit #3, or Sweden, where it reached #13. This is the closest the quartet will come to the Hot 100 again.

Rufus and Chaka Khan – One Million Kisses (debuted on 2-11-84, peaked at #102)

Chaka got together with her former band Rufus one more time for the double live album, Stomping at the Savoy. They recorded one side full of new studio tracks, including the classic, Ain’t Nobody. This was the follow-up, co-written by Jeffrey Osborne, and a smooth midtempo track worthy of way more success than its inclusion here. It will peak at #37 on the R&B charts.

Boys Brigade – Melody (debuted on 2-11-84, peaked at #104)

And now, here’s a New Wave rock quartet from Toronto, Canada, whose debut album was produced by Geddy Lee of Rush. This moody ode to a lost love is spoken and sung by keyboardist Malcolm Burn and is part Lou Reed and part Here Comes My Girl. The band broke up after one album, and Burn would go on to produce the Grammy-winning album Red Dirt Girl by Emmylou Harris, among others.

Jacqui Brookes – Lost Without Your Love (debuted on 2-11-84, peaked at #105)

Before the Scottish band, The Silencers were formed, guitarists Jimmie O’Neill collaborated with singer Brookes for an electro-pop album called Sob Stories. Even during the heydey of New Wave, this LP disappeared without a trace, with only this dance single spending a here as a Bubbler.

The Cure – The Love Cats (debuted on 2-11-84, peaked at #107)

It’s as if someone asked Robert Smith to write a song for The Aristocats soundtrack. The Cure’s lead singer gets to play Thomas O’Malley full of yowls and alley skirmishes knocking over bottles. It was also a nice little jazzy change of pace for the group, and it became their first UK Top 10 smash. It also features producer Phil Thornally on double bass.

Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon (debuted on 2-11-84, peaked at #109)

This was the first solo studio album since Oz’s guitarist Randy Rhoads died in a plane crash in 1982. Four months after that, he married his manager, Sharon, and recorded a live album with new guitarist Brad Gillis. In 1983 he got back in the studio with yet a new six-string slinger, Jake E. Lee, who states that he co-wrote this title track and was never given any credit. It’s now one of his best efforts, but at least it kept that crazy train moving. This single will become his first solo hit in the UK, peaking at #21.

Gwen Guthrie – Love In Moderation (debuted on 2-9-85, peaked at #110)

Gwen was a songwriter who co-wrote Ben E. King’s 1975 Top 10 Supernatural Thing. She was also a back-up singer, who got a chance to support Aretha in 1974 on I’m In Love and many songs on Madonna’s 1983 debut. Collaborating with DJ Larry Levan, she also had many of her singles played at the Paradise Garage in NY. This pleasantly laidback synth-soul tune from her third album, Just For You, probably wasn’t one of them but it would be her second R&B Top 40 topping out at #17.

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