Another Joker Tryin’ To Jump the Line


Twenty-Ten Favorite

The world of NuCoast music was shaken up in the Fall of 2015, when multi-instrumentalist/ producer Shawn Lee and Mamas Gun’s lead singer, Andy Platt, released their debut album as Young Gun Silver Fox. Never had anyone taken the sound of  Westcoast and Yacht rock and updated it for a new audience on a level that transcended those genres.

West End Coast was a solid affair from the start [You Can Feel It, the best song America never wrote] to finish [the soulfully languid ballad, Long Way Back]. The duo has recorded two more top-notch polished albums – AM Waves (2018) and Canyons (2020). But, for me, nothing beats the rush of hearing this in its entirety for the first time.

This track became my favorite from the album and still is today. That bridge kills me on every listen. And dig that ending, which cops the intro to Chicago’s Call On Me.

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