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My Own Personal Top 40


                                                My first Top 50, dated 9-22-86

After dutifully following the American Top 40 for years, I created my own “Top 40”, actually 50, current songs that were my favorites at the time. The reasons I did it are still unclear and buried deep in my mind.  Coming across these old stenographer notebooks, I perused the pages trying to figure out what compelled me,  what were the rules I held for ranking, and, holy shit, what kind of nerd I was. I did this for five-plus years every week and never shared these with anyone.

Nevertheless, I thought to post it here, and maybe by doing that, I’d learn a little about myself. I already have a lot of unanswered questions. The Mets had clinched the division by now, and I was obsessed with watching them daily as it would be my first time to see them in the playoffs. But how much more extra time did I have back then?

And why did I think Don Johnson sang my third favorite song that week? Maybe deep down, I was just a Wendy Waldman fan and didn’t realize it?

I still cringe at my #14 through #16. Was this a product of unrequited or lost love? At least I put Chaka in the Top 10 with a song that would eventually peak at #53, for what that’s worth. And I’m proud to have two B-52s songs on the chart, especially when pop radio fully gave on them.

Take a peak, have a few chuckles, and feel free to have a go at me in the comments.


One Reply to “My Own Personal Top 40”

  1. This is so great to see–thanks so much for putting it out there. I did something very similar from late March 1980 through the end of 1982.

    Enjoy seeing so many songs that never made AT40–there are a few I’m not familiar with and will now have to investigate. You’ll get no criticism from me about your tastes, even if mine were/are different…

    I’d love to see more and hope you figure out any rules you had.

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